The Settlers of Catan: My New Addiction

I’ve been watching the you tube series table top hosted by Will Wheaton and I have found a new favorite game, The Settlers of Catan. It is s a board game where you build roads and cities by earning resources such as wood, wheat, or ore. I really want to play this game so we went off on a search for the game.

Lone Star Comics was closed so we went to Wal-Mart who had a very sorry collection of games for sale and then ended up at Target where the game was in a featured display case. I was so excited, then I looked at the price. My excitement quickly dispersed because there was no way I was spending $42 on a board game. I was expecting something in the twenty-dollar range and I might have been willing to spend thirty only because I was really excited about a new strategy game. So I scanned the bar-code on my handy-dandy phone and found that it is only $33 on Amazon. Woo Hoo! I can save ten dollars if I don’t give in to my desire for instant gratification.

When I got home I went the trusty internet to see if someone else was selling it for even cheaper since I still didn’t really want to pay $33 dollars for a game. I guess I haven’t bought board games in a while because they have gotten really expensive.

After just a bit of internet searching I found you can play the online version for free! So naturally I signed up and started playing right then and there. It’s pretty cool, you can play against other people or computers. So I’ve been playing the online version until I can find a copy of the Settlers of Catan at a decent price.

If you want to play the free online version too here’s a link.

Here’s the Amazon link if you want to buy or read about it.

It’s fun, but also addicting. This will definitely become an addition to the rotation of our weekly roommate game night.

Yea, I know it’s super nerdy to watch other people play games, but it is actually a well put together show. : )

Edit: I tried to embed the show for you, but it just isn’t working so here’s a link to the you-tube video of Table-Top


4 thoughts on “The Settlers of Catan: My New Addiction

  1. I absolutely LOVE the game. A few friends of mine do game night ever Wednesday nights. Settlers of Catan is sooo addicting but can be super frustrating too. haha It has a lot of awesome expansions also so you can really mix things up. If you like that, you would probably also like Carcassone, where you pretty much invent the game board as you go along.

  2. It’s so funny you posted about Catan – I came across it highly recommended on the internet by chance a year or so ago and bought it, but we still haven’t mastered it, so the family is pretty meh about it. I forgot about the online thing, might get their interest up a bit.

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