Sewing Day Out

Last Saturday I went over to my boyfriend’s Dad’s house and had a sewing day with his sister and step-mom. It was pretty fun. We all had our sewing machines out and a table for cutting and ironing. We didn’t get a whole lot done (we like to gibber-gabber too much) but his step-mom got her fabric cut out for a really cool project that she is making as Christmas presents for her friends and I made two pillow cases that turned out pretty cute and were super easy.

I think we accomplished our goal of getting a bit of motivation to get started working on some of our projects and get some things done. We’re thinking of doing this once a month. I had a good time so I hope we keep that up.

For my pillow cases I used a video by The Crafty Gemini for instructions. She is great so check out her other video tutorials as well.


I used some full size flat sheets that I bought at the thrift store for about $1-$3 a piece for my pillows. I just washed, cut, and sewed. I have quite a bit of fabric left so I’ll probably be making a few more with different accent colors and maybe even some other coordinating accessories.

Here is a picture of the pillow cases right after I made them. The thing I like the most about these pillow cases is that you don’t see the seems so when your finished it looks really good inside and out.

I finally got a new cutting board. I left my old one in the car and it got warped. I left it under my mattress for a few months to see if it would straighten out and even blow dried it and then put text books on it but it’s still warped. So everyone learn from my mistake. Don’t leave your cutting mats in a hot car.




5 thoughts on “Sewing Day Out

  1. I looooooove getting together with my friends for sewing projects. Sometimes we’re a little distracted and don’t accomplish as much as we’d like, but it’s so nice to be able to get opinions, ask questions, etc. with your sewing buddies right there.

    Your pillowcases look great!

  2. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my site. I know what you mean about not getting much done at sewing (scrapbooking) gals get-togethers. It doesn’t get any different when you get older either. I agree with Elizabeth, that I never leave without sharing new ideas, products, techniques or just plain relaxing fun.

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