My First Finished Project With My New Machine

In April I fell in love with a wonderful embroidery/sewing combo machine at the sewing machine store where I took my sewing lessons. They gave me a really good deal on a Brother 950D Embroidery Sewing Machine. Basically he said that this was the machine for me. I was convinced and put it on layaway. I was making payments every time I got paid so that in August I could bring this baby home.

Then in June my boyfriend gave me the gift of paying off the rest of the ticket. I was so excited! We went in together and left with a box with my name taped to the side which held my new machine. I’ve played with it so much testing out embroidery designs on scrap fabric and practicing making my own designs.

One of the designs we digitized using the free software Stitch Era Free was the Skyrim logo. We embroidered this with the help of his sister.

Video Game Embroidery!

So of course now he wants it embroidered on a shirt. Well I don’t know much about threads and stabilizers and other what-nots but I’m determined to do it. So I get some fusible tear away stabilizer to use and embark on my mission…… I promptly ruined his shirt! Turns out if it says fusible you need to iron it first…. oops! Fortunately he wasn’t mad.

So for the last month I have only been doing sewing projects: working on my quilt, finishing my shirt, and fixing the vast number of pants my boyfriend has managed to tear a hole in. But last Saturday I went to a little 4 hour “class” on digitizing software and different types of stabilizer. I got lots of cool goodies at that “class” and I’ll post about that later. But I figured out where I went wrong and decided to try another project armed with my knowledge.

This is an e-reader tablet case that was the project of the month for the June Embroidery club and I think it turned out pretty good.

Front View

Inside View

It only took me about 2-2.5 hours and was very fun to make. This is the first successfully completed project that I’ve used my embroidery function on my machine for.

Woo Hoo!! So happy. More shall come. : )


7 thoughts on “My First Finished Project With My New Machine

  1. This is awesome! I just ordered a book about hand embroidery, but now I am coveting your machine. Although if I had one, probably every garment I own would be embroidered with something silly.

    • lol. I know right! I’ve embroidered all kinds of things on my scrap fabric just for fun to see how it turns out.

      I do not have the patience for hand embroidery. Right now all that’s left on my quilt is to hand stitch the back of the binding on and it is taking forever. I admire you for having the patience for hand embroidery.

  2. Congratulations on your new machine, your e-reader tablet case turned out lovely.
    I have the Brother SE400 and the most important piece of information I can pass on is be vary of cheap embroidery thread as it can snap every few stitches and even cause needles to break. The thread can fray and get caught up in the machine causing expensive damage. I speak from experience when I say not all machine embroidery thread is of equal quality.

  3. You will be having so much fun. I have the brother 2800D and just love it! I also got into the habit of downloading lots and lots of free (or almost free) designs, just knowing that someday I would use them. Hmmmm. Well, sometimes you just plain get what you pay for. Couple of good sites though: and If you subscribe by e-mail to the newsletters they send wonderful specials. Have fun!

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