Project Finish Projects

Now that tests are over for a while I have decided that this weekend I will work on finishing some projects that have been left undone.

  1. Finish Quilt – I was more than half way through the quilting when I ran out of thread so I must buy more thread, finish the quilting, and bind it.
  2. Finish Cleaning Out/Organizing my Desk – I used to collect (let’s be honest… hoard) office supplies so I’ve been going through all the notebooks, binders, markers, pens, etc that I have accumulated and deciding what I can keep and what must go. I’ve already filled a free for all box for my roommates to go through. Anything left over will be donated.

I’m limiting my self to two projects so that I don’t get overwhelmed and accomplish nothing.

On a completely different note I have decided to lose some weight and have been really good about exercising every day this week. Hooray! Hopefully I can keep that up when the weekend comes.

Anyone else planning on tackling some long-lost projects this upcoming weekend?


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