Garden Update

It’s been a while since I’ve shown off my garden. I haven’t harvested anything yet, but the plants (all except the tomato) seem to be doing well. I just recently planted the squash in the ground because they were trying to escape the pots and I finally got some compost to mix in with the existing soil. The squash seems a lot happier in the ground.

There is still one sad-looking squash plant. I hope it makes it.

The bell peppers are doing pretty good. Here is one of the yellow pepper plants. It’ll be ready soon!

I think this pepper plant is a red bell pepper plant and it has two peppers on it. Woo hoo!

So there’s a look at how my garden is going. The cilantro didn’t make it and I need to do some cleaning up, but overall it’s going well. I checked out a copy of Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening from the library and it has been invaluable. If you’re already a pro then you might already know most of this information, but if you’re a beginner then check it out. I’m going to buy a copy when I have some extra money so I can keep it on hand.

In the fall when things cool off I am planning on planting some beans, potatoes, and spinach. I know these are usually spring plants but TOVG has dates listed for planting these in the Fall in my region as well so I’m going to try it.


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