Three Things My Garden Has Taught Me So Far

I apologize for my total blog abandonment in the month of June. Now that my super intense summer class is over I plan on getting back on track. 

Since I’ve been gone my garden has been doing pretty good except for the tomatoes. My tomato plant is intent on not making any tomatoes, however the cilantro turned out great and I have some peppers that will soon be ready. 

Growing a vegetable garden is no small task, and in the 100 degree plus weather of Texas it requires constant attention. But the rewards will be sweet when I get to cook my own vegetables. 

I have learned a lot, but three things stand out so far. 

  1. Squash plants don’t do well in pots. They must be transplanted into the ground. 
  2. Plants do not like to be watered in the middle of the day, the water + sun combination makes their leaves look wilted. 
  3. As the heat increases so must the watering or else they get all dried out and threaten to die. 

I am determined to figure this out. I’ll take some pictures this weekend to post and tell you how I learned that peppers need a good support system like tomatoes. 


3 thoughts on “Three Things My Garden Has Taught Me So Far

  1. I envy your garden. My mother has a beautiful vegetable garden, and it always makes me want to start one of my own. For now, it’s just a tiny little herb garden for me. Can’t wait to see more of yours!

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