Posted in July 2012

My First Finished Project With My New Machine

My First Finished Project With My New Machine

In April I fell in love with a wonderful embroidery/sewing combo machine at the sewing machine store where I took my sewing lessons. They gave me a really good deal on a Brother 950D Embroidery Sewing Machine. Basically he said that this was the machine for me. I was convinced and put it on layaway. … Continue reading

Project Finish Projects

Now that tests are over for a while I have decided that this weekend I will work on finishing some projects that have been left undone. Finish Quilt – I was more than half way through the quilting when I ran out of thread so I must buy more thread, finish the quilting, and bind … Continue reading

Garden Update

It’s been a while since I’ve shown off my garden. I haven’t harvested anything yet, but the plants (all except the tomato) seem to be doing well. I just recently planted the squash in the ground because they were trying to escape the pots and I finally got some compost to mix in with the … Continue reading

Three Things My Garden Has Taught Me So Far

I apologize for my total blog abandonment in the month of June. Now that my super intense summer class is over I plan on getting back on track.  Since I’ve been gone my garden has been doing pretty good except for the tomatoes. My tomato plant is intent on not making any tomatoes, however the … Continue reading