Scentsy, Painting, and Video Games

Last weekend I really enjoyed being out of school and kept myself pretty busy. On Friday night and Saturday morning I super cleaned the house for a Scentsy Party that I was hosting. My friend Carolyn is trying to start a Scentsy business while her husband is in Afghanistan so I hosted her first party for her. We didn’t have a great turn out but we had a lot of fun. I really like that you can have you house filled with a lovely fragrance just like burning several candles but that you don’t have to deal with fire or the ash and soot that candles put out. If you want to check it out, Carolyn has a website.

This is the warmer I bought. (English Ivy)

My go to scent is probable going to be beach, although I also really like simply irresistible, satin sheets, and Mediterranean spa. When our noses just couldn’t take it any more we moved on to more delicious activities. For snacks and a demonstration we had chocolate and caramel chocolate Velata with strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows, or pretzels. It was so good. I totally bought a kit and as soon as it comes in I’ll post pictures.

After the Scentsy party a couple of friends and I went out and flew balsa wood planes in the yard area. I think part of the fun was modifying them to see if we could make them fly straighter, further, or do loops better. It was like we were kids again.

Sunday was definitely the day that I did the most work. I went over to my parents house and helped them repaint their shed. It took a few hours, but in the end it looked so much better. The entire day I managed to keep my clothes paint free, until we were putting the finishing touches on the trim. Then Plop. A big drop of paint landed squarely on my shirt.

After painting and taking a shower I did laundry and sat down to play some Halo Reach on my trusty Xbox that has been looking so dusty and lonely this past semester. A good end to a great weekend.

Did anyone else have a good weekend? What did you do?


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