New Patterns, Perfect Timing

Yesterday I took my last final for the semester and afterwards my boyfriend and I went out the eat and then watched the Raven. It was nice to relax after almost frying my brain for the last few days. Dinner was nice and the movie was good. I wouldn’t say it’s worth $10 to go see it, but once it’s on Netflix, definitely watch it.

This morning I realized that I totally forgot to check the mail yesterday. When I reach into my mailbox I discover an unusually large envelope. Confused, I pull it out. As soon as I read the return address I get super excited. My patterns arrived!!

I’ve heard great things from other people about these patterns so I’m really excited to try them out. Tasia at Sewaholic designs her own patterns that are simple but look nice. If I can find the right fabric then this weekend I plan on making one of the Renfrew Tops.

Anyone else have any patterns they are just dying to try?


4 thoughts on “New Patterns, Perfect Timing

  1. I have a huge backlog of patterns right now because I try to only buy them when they’re $1.99 or less. I have so much sewing to do! I get the most excited about my maxi dress patterns, but I really like that coat pattern you posted. I feel like I’ve seen it on The Sew Weekly or a similar site.

  2. There’s so much to do and not enough time or money. I wish I looked good in maxi-dresses, they always look so comfortable! I just started sewing again so these are actually the first patterns I’ve bought. They were a splurge, but they look so cute.

    Waiting till they go on sale is definitely a good idea. It’d be really easy to break the bank if you always paid full price. Do you know any particular places that have good sales or good prices?

    • I go to Hancock Fabric here in Charleston, but I don’t know if the chain exists where you live. The different brands are constantly on sale there. Sometimes there are decent sales online, but be careful because they charge a fortune for shipping.

      • We used to have a Hancock but almost as soon as I moved to Arlington they closed. I’m sure there are a whole bunch of places in this area, I just have to find them. : )

        And yes, shipping costs can sometimes make a purchase not worth it.

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