It’s starting to look like a garden!

This weekend we finished removing all the old concrete, fence posts, and abandoned water pipes left by the great beast of a water softener that used to be fenced in on our patio. All of that stuff we pulled out of the ground that is not recyclable is sitting on my car port (I’m sure my neighbors are so happy about that) waiting to go to the landfill. My dad is going to bring his truck so we can take the concrete there to be recycled.

We put up the blocks so that we can make the garden area all one level and added a little french drain under it so that we don’t have any drainage problems. We spread out the dirt we had and ta-da! It’s actually starting to look like a garden.

We need to get a little more dirt to fill in and to have a nice top soil for the plants but I’m so excited it’s coming together. There are still a few things to be done before it is finished. You can see the plug in the picture on the fence that still needs to be relocated.

While the man was fighting with a particularly stubborn fence post that wouldn’t come out I separated and replanted my squash seedlings into a larger pot because they were getting just to big for their little pots. I also planted some spinach seeds that I got at the store and some pepper plants that I bought. The pepper seeds my dad gave me haven’t yet made an appearance so I’m afraid they may not make it. His haven’t come up after two weeks so he’s thinking the seeds didn’t survive the winter.

My Squash Plants.

The plants after being put in pots

Also, yesterday I noticed that one of the yellow bell pepper plants that I bought looks like it is about to have a bloom or something. Hooray!


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