New Garden Area In Process

This past weekend I went down to the farm with my dad to help with the animals and while I was there I worked with him in the garden.

They are growing all sorts of things: Squash, Zucchini, Okra, Black Eyed Peas, Spinach, Corn, and a few others I don’t remember. Working with him and reading about others that are growing their own food made me want to give it another try back at my house.

Last year I planted some tomato plants and they got super tall and I promised I watered them, but they never gave any fruit. I was super sad and my boyfriend decided I’m a terrible gardener, they made it all the way through the hot Texas summer only to die at the end of September last year.

This is a picture I took right after I planted them. I wrapped a soaker hose around them so that they would be easy to water just turn on faucet and voila. Maybe I over watered, gave them to much plant food, or something else that caused them to not bear fruit. There are several theories. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just didn’t put enough effort into it.

So this year I am going to try again and I will do better. While I was at the farm with my dad I picked his brain about what he thought I should do and what he thought I should try first. We settled on trying out a few different plants: tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, and squash. He helped me plant some seedlings while I was down there and gave me a big bucket full of good dirt to spread out at my house where I was going to plant and I drove home all excited. He also gave me a one of the tomato plants that they had already started in a pot so I was super stoked when I was headed home.

When I got home I found my boyfriend working in my patio trying to make a garden bed for me. (Isn’t he so sweet) I had told him on Friday that I wanted to try this again and we came up with a plan for the patio area. While I was gone he decided to go ahead and start working on the area for me. He was doing a good job and had gotten rid of some abandoned pipes and a 5’x3′ concrete slab that went to an old water softener we had already removed when we ran into trouble. He found a steel pipe that when he further investigated looked like it was headed for the gas meter. If you’re thinking “uh-oh” then we’re on the same page.

So he stops working over there and works on the “retaining wall” that will make the whole area one level. I call the gas company on Monday morning and they give me the run around and tell me to hire someone to come look at it. I was pretty ticked off because it might be a gas line and if something happened that could be dangerous. So I give my account info to the boyfriend and he calls and I guess he said the magic words because they sent someone out within and hour to check on it.

Long story short. The gas guy didn’t think it was a gas line but told us to call Dig-Tess just in case so all work on the garden has stopped until we know what that pipe is and where it goes. It could just be electrical conduit going to the car port.

So my patio looks like this right now.

However, it’ll be worth it when we get it all fixed and can start using this space to grow some veggies instead using this space for an old water softener that came with the house or the franken-bush that we’ve now pruned and moved to a giant pot by the door.


2 thoughts on “New Garden Area In Process

  1. Thanks, it’s starting to get back on track. The Dig-Tess guys came out and marked our gas line which is not the pipe we found (which is electrical line to the carport). Turns out the gas is about 6 feet below ground so we don’t have to worry about that.

    This weekend we’ll be working hard, and I’ll take more pictures! : )

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