A Tale of Two Jens

One of my neighbors and I have have become pretty good friends. Her husband and my boyfriend went to school together so when they moved in just a few buildings over in the same complex we started hanging out at each other’s houses. We became fast friends which the boys think is funny because we have the same name.

We’ve done lots of stuff together and had several adventures, one of which involved fire which I’ll post about later, but we were in the mood for something more domestic on Friday night. So while the boys did their own thing we broke out the sewing machines and made some wallets.

Jen had never sewn before, but because I just finished my beginner’s sewing class I’m an expert now right? Well that is most definitely not the case! We did figure out how to thread the sewing machine her mother in law gave her, fortunately it was similar to mine and the machine had a picture on it.

Note: Directions are with pictures are super handy. Thank goodness for them!

Then we broke out the fat quarters and set to work. Cutting and Ironing and carrying around the instruction page as if our projects would burst into flames if we set those papers down. After what I’m sure was three times the recommended time frame we finally finished.

This is my wallet

This is Jen’s wallet

I think they turned out pretty good for two beginners. My lines are getting a lot straighter and Jen started catching on pretty quick. It was pretty fun and I think I have another craft buddy now. : )



4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Jens

    • Thanks, I really like it, although if I make another one I would use some stabilizer so that it is a little stiffer. I’m pretty proud of it though and I think Jen did a pretty good job on hers especially since that was her first sewing project. : )

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