Busy Busy Bees

I do apologize for our blog abandonment the last few months. There has been a lot going on, which is a good thing because you know what they say about idle hands.

First, school is back in session and Maddie and I are completely swamped. We’re still practicing Taekwondo thank goodness because it is a great stress release. I have been cooking most of our meals at home but no new and noteworthy recipes since its been mostly heat and serve or something from a box.

Note: I realize that hamburger helper and frozen turkey burgers don’t really count as cooking. I promise that I’ll be back with some new yummy recipes as soon as possible!

Something that is new and noteworthy is that Maddie and I have been taking a sewing class for the past couple of weeks. It has been very fun and we have learned a lot. We’ve covered the parts of the machine and proper maintenance as well as different types of fabric and what it’s used for. In the last class we made an apron.


My Apron


Maddie's Apron

Never mind the vacuum cleaner bags hanging in the background. The class is at a sewing machine and vacuum repair shop, haven’t figured out yet why those go together but our instructor is awesome.  I think our aprons are pretty cute.

That’s what we’ve been up to lately. I’ve also started a quilt so I’m excited about that and as soon as I finish I’ll be posting pictures.



2 thoughts on “Busy Busy Bees

  1. Jenny, you are my kinda gal with that black and white apron. So glad you are in a sewing class. Such an invaluable skill. I still consider myself a newbie after a year into it. Maybe because I feel there is so much to learn. Thanks for stopping by my space today and commenting.

    • Thanks. We’re having a lot of fun in the class. I really liked some of your posts, it gave me a few ideas for gifts for a few friends that have birthdays in the fall. : )

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