It’s a Candle Light Kinda Night

Tonight I decided to break out the camera and have a fun with some candles. After I finally found (borrowed from my roommate) some matches I lit these little guys and had some fun.

I love candles, especially the little tea light candles.


The nice thing about tea light candles is that they have a low profile so the light is the focus as opposed to the candle itself. When ever I want to set a romantic mood, I put out a bunch of these little guys throughout the room. They put out quite a bit of light for such a little candle.


It’s been a long time since I used my Nikon D40. Ever since I got a decent camera on my phone I have hardly used my Nikon. However there is no way that my phone can compete with a Nikon.

Definitely going to keep the camera around, this is just too much fun.


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