I Love Nice Cookware!

When I first moved out of my folk’s house I moved into a cute little townhouse with two other girls. Having basically nothing in the way of household necessities I went out and bought a little aluminum cookware set that I shared with everyone. However three years later my poor little pans are scratched and blackened.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I’ve always known that quality ingredients were of supreme importance; however, what I did not notice until recently was that what you’re cooking in can also make a huge difference. I recently got a stir-fry skillet and regular 10″ skillet that I got using points that I had built up at Tom Thumb and I must say I now know. I was simply making a quick and easy hamburger helper when I realized that the noodles were moister and there wasn’t a crunchy layer at the bottom. I knew then that it actually did matter what equipment I use almost as much as the ingredients.

My first purchase was a lovely set of mixing bowls by Paula Deen. I absolutely love these bowls because they serve a dual purpose. I can use them when cooking and they are also pretty enough to serve in. I got mine at Big Lots for $15, however I’ve also seen them at Walmart for $25 and they are also available at Amazon. (clink the picture for the link to Amazon web page)

Paula Deen Mixing Bowls
Paula Deen Mixing Bowls


My second purchase I made only a few days ago and I must say I’ve had great fun with my new Paula Deen Tea Kettle. I must admit that everytime someone wants hot water I run into the kitchen to boil them up some in my whitsling kettle. I got mine for $20 at Big Lots (yes, I like Big Lots), but some Walmarts carry them but the cheapest online price I found was $29.95 at Amazon (link in picture). Doesn’t it match my coffee cups nicely?
My New Tea Kettle

It's so cute!

So now that I have a roommate whose extent of  cooking something is putting a hot-pocket in the microwave, the few nice things that were given to me over the years have come out of hiding and I am embarking (slowly) on building a grown-up kitchen with nice cookware where I can make delicious food for friends, family, and myself.


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