Posted in December 2011

Mini-Meatloaf Down on the Farm

Today I drove down to the farm to spend some time with my folks. I love getting away from the city where the air is clear and quiet. And there are some baby goats I haven’t met yet. Aren’t they so cute? I’m sure that my mom loves it when the whole family is together, … Continue reading

It’s a Candle Light Kinda Night

Tonight I decided to break out the camera and have a fun with some candles. After I finally found (borrowed from my roommate) some matches I lit these little guys and had some fun. I love candles, especially the little tea light candles.   The nice thing about tea light candles is that they have a … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Sticks

This weekend my boyfriends god-daughter came up to visit and since he worked until 7AM Saturday night, it was just me and Mary Sunday morning. After convincing her to help me with get the chores around the house done, I broke out something I thought would be fun. We made instant hot chocolate mix and … Continue reading

I Love Nice Cookware!

When I first moved out of my folk’s house I moved into a cute little townhouse with two other girls. Having basically nothing in the way of household necessities I went out and bought a little aluminum cookware set that I shared with everyone. However three years later my poor little pans are scratched and … Continue reading